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Ho Chi  Minh City

It’s the truth... Vietnamese people love to eat all the time! We are obsessed with food. 

As a tourist in Vietnam I found food vendors literally side by side along every street and curb by just walking a few steps or following the sweet, spicy, tangy, and hearty aromas.  Each person would be selling their best specialties – phở bò (beef noodle soup), bún thịt nướng (noodles and grilled pork), bánh mì (sandwiches), to name a few.  I would stay at the same hotel just to be a block away from my all-time favorite:  cơm tấm sườn (broken rice with pork chop), and I always ordered an egg sunny side up to perfectly top it off!  Now I am bringing aromatic herbs, colorful vegetables and vibrant Vietnamese flavors to our first Phở Văn Fresh in the Pearl.

At Phở Văn Fresh high quality, flavorful Vietnamese food and convenience is the foundation of our company.  Our roots go back more than 29 years with my family’s full service Phở Văn restaurants that serve exceptional traditional Vietnamese dishes in Portland and Beaverton.

Now, we are branching out and creating a counter service eatery that focuses on great Vietnamese food for people on the go.  Phở Văn Fresh serves several versions of salad rolls, our signature phở (traditional beef, chicken, and vegetarian rice-stick noodle soups), popular bún (rice noodles with lemongrass marinated meats), and our distinctive baguette sandwiches. 

As we say in Vietnam, “Ăn cơm chưa?” (Have you eaten yet?)


Lam Van

and Pho Van Fresh Team
Vinh Wong
Elizabeth Nguyen

Classic Vietnamese music

Fashion // kiểu


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